Pianist, Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter

James Woolwine

“Something different from the norm. Great work!”

James Woolwine is a truly unique musical talent. An award-winning professional musician with a broad palette of expertise, he performs as a triple-threat solo artist:

Solo Pianist
Solo Guitarist

His lifetime of musical study began as a child with Classical piano. Later as a teenager, feeling the adolescent urge to “rock out”, he added the guitar. Despite winning competitions and scholarships for his piano playing, James ultimately decided to study guitar in college. He graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in Guitar Performance and Music Business. James spent his post-college years in and out of several bands, but was always composing on his own. Along the way he re-discovered his love for piano, a talent for songwriting, and a new passion for singing. After moving to California in 2012 James dedicated himself to being a soloist. Whether enjoying all of his talents, or just the one they request, audiences are always impressed.

To check out James Woolwine’s latest song, “Wait for Me”, visit his CDBaby page here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jameswoolwine.

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