James is a prolific composer/songwriter who creates new music faster than he can record it. He has a large catalog of original material, but for his debut album James decided to focus on solo piano. “Solo Piano Destruction”, and his singles can be purchased at CD Baby:

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“James has a very different approach to the piano, not at all what one might consider standard in the solo piano genre….that is welcome and refreshing. If you’re a lover of solo piano music that’s not afraid to explore uncharted musical territory, this album is for you! James has something very different to say here, and in so doing has created a great piece of art.“ – Enlightened Piano Radio (read the full review HERE)

“Solo Piano Destruction is a piano album that…fans of the solo piano genre will be eager to make…part of their ever growing collection.” – One World Music Radio (read the full review HERE)

“…Woolwine’s playing style is bold and energetic, there are…strong melodies and he has an expressive touch that conveys a variety of moods and tonal colors. – MainlyPiano.com (read the full review HERE)

Look for the next album to be acoustic guitar!

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