As a songwriter James strives to combine the lyrical depth of Folk Music with the energy and melody of mainstream Rock.  He cites Bruce Springsteen and U2 as his primary influences, but takes inspiration from across the Rock/Pop/Country musical spectrum.

James first studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music, and even considered a degree in the subject; but opted instead to study Performance and Business.  He didn’t seriously approach songwriting again for several years, until collaborating with a singer.  Initially his focus was only on the instrumental writing, but as they worked together James developed a skill for lyrics and melodies too.  When that partnership ended James discovered his solo songwriting voice.  Now he is a devoted student of the craft; in pursuit of that perfect combination of chords, melody, and lyrics.  He is compiling material for a recording project.

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“Not Your Enemy” Lyric Sheet


“I’m Gone” Lyric Sheet

“Wait For Me” – lyric sheet

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