“James Woolwine has an easy charm and stage presence that makes his audience eager to hear what’s coming next; and they are never disappointed. ”  – James R. Fitzpatrick, Musical Director of the Everyman Theatre, Baltimore, MD

“…a lovely ability to translate music with emotional integrity and attention to detail.” – Fiona Joy, Grammy-nominated solo piano artist,

“James has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft, and it shows.  His joy in his music is clearly communicated; with beautiful technique, deep emotion, and an ability to color his music in a way that is truly inspiring.” – CD Baby reviewer (read the full review HERE)

“Soul-inspiring in a world which has moved away from that.  Much needed!” – Kelly Rabbitt, Florida fan

“Wow…this reminds me of the great Tommy Emmanuel!” Watch Video Here

“I love this so much!” – Youtube fan

“….phenomenal faculty for tearing up the keys.” – The Akademia

“If you haven’t heard his music yet you are seriously missing out!” – Sinfonia Revolution

“James is an excellent pianist/guitarist…a sensitive and secure player who is also a great songwriter….” – Hu, fan

“James is a dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic entertainer!” – Anne, fan

“Professional.  Friendly.  Talented.  Performed to perfection.  Thank you James!” – John, fan

“James Woolwine is an emerging artist on the instrumental music scene who started out as a young rock guitarist and went on to graduate from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. James’ latest album of solo piano music showcases his technical ability and stylistic diversity from classical to pop. Whether he is performing a Bach etude or covering the latest Katy Perry tune, James’ technique and passion on the piano are impressive to say the least.” – Michael Diamond,

Listen to James’ interview on KC Cafe Radio

Listen to James’ interview on One World Music Radio

Soundout Reports ( of his original music have yielded some of the following praises:

  1. “A nice change from much of what I’ve heard lately.  It’s good to hear an artist who has spent a considerable amount of time developing their musical skills.  Anytime someone is dedicated and puts in the work to develop this level of musicianship I feel there is still hope for the future of music!”

  2. “The melodies were absolutely wonderful…each note was placed flawlessly…I found myself on the edge of my seat…the playing is impeccable…Amazing…The composition and execution were both great.”

  3. “…playing with so much grace and wonder.  I feel this truly does bring something new and powerful to the music world.”

  4. “Something different from the norm.  Great work!”

  5. “…distinctive and original.”

  6. “I am totally impressed.”

  7. “….showing both technical ability and beautiful composition.”

  8. “The talent of this artist is for sure remarkable.”

  9. “I caught myself closing my eyes and really paying attention.”

  10. “The vocals are amazing!”

  11. “His unique voice gives the music a twist.”

  12. “Great songwriter.”

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