Custom Songs

Custom Songs

Would you like the ultimate piano or guitar experience for yourself, or a gift?  

I compose custom piano and acoustic guitar solos, based on your name.  It works like this.  

I’ll take the letters of your name and find their corresponding number of the alphabet.   

Then, I’ll match those numbers with 26 notes of the musical Grand Staff.  

I’ll use those notes in the order they come up to write a melody, then build a short solo composition off of that.    

For example, my wife’s name is “Nikki”.  Numbered from the alphabet, those letters are: 14, 9, 11, 11, 9.  Those numbers on the Grand Staff gave me the notes F,A,C,C,A.  (I started counting from the note “G”).  I came up with a short motif, and used that as the foundation for a song I surprised her with on our wedding day.   

It’s a piece of music that is completely unique to you.  If you have preferences for style and mood, let me know and I’ll incorporate those as much as possible.


Professional quality recording – $1000

add a Sheet Music Transcription – $200

How do I pay? 

In advance, Venmo or Paypal preferred.

How long will it take before I receive my song? 

Depending on my creative flow and the availability of a recording studio, your song will be delivered within 6 weeks.

Who owns the rights? 

I retain the copyright on the song, and you will receive a Creative Commons license.

Please contact me so we can discuss your song!