Session Player/Composer FAQ’s

1) Which is your primary instrument: piano or guitar?
That depends on the day of the week and what gig is coming up next.  My degree is on guitar, but I’ve played piano longer.  I’m equally committed to both instruments.

2) It seems like you primarily play acoustic guitar. What about electric?
As a solo artist I prioritize acoustic guitar, but I was strictly an electric player for many years before ever owning an acoustic instrument. I own 4 electric guitars, to one acoustic.

3) Do you play rhythm, lead, or both?
I don’t improvise well, so I’m strongest as a rhythm player; but I certainly have the skills and chops to play solos. I just prefer to work them out and rehearse them in advance.

4) Do you read music?
Yes, and chord charts. I also learn very well by ear.

5) Can you sing too?
Yes, but my singing abilities are secondary to my instrumental skills.

6) Do you work for hire?
It depends on what the work is. If I am contributing any significant original music to your project, I expect proper co-writing credit. If you only need me as a session or backup player then we can discuss an hourly fee, or another reasonable payment.

7) We don’t just want a session player, but a real band member. Will you join a regular band?
I’m very committed to my own music, but I’ve always wanted to be in a band. If the gig is right I will consider it.

8) Do you have any drug/alcohol issues?
Absolutely not. I’m a very healthy person. My drug is music.