Parenthood, Passions, and a Crazy Idea

Me, my twins, and my “Dad” look.

Amidst the emotional rollercoaster of being a new parent to twins, I always looked forward to our daily walks. While they slept in the stroller I could collect my thoughts. Approaching 40 years old and now a father, I reflected on my life. What have I done so far, and what do I want now? I’ve spent my life fulfilling a passion for music. Ritual practicing. Two degrees from a prestigious music school. Years of gigging. Awards and acclaim. Mistakes and redirections. Released two albums, with several more albums’ worth of music written.

I have another passion that had largely been sidelined, a desire to help others. I’ve regularly done that in small ways, but inside I am eternally that naive idealist who wants to save the whole world. Post-college I considered career options in humanitarian work, but my passion for music won. So I compromised and made a deal with the universe: if I was successful in music I would give back.

Now on those walks I thought about what my musical life should be now. I’m getting older but still want to pursue my passions. I’ll have less time so I need to maximize it. What values do I want to practice for my kids? I entertained some complicated ideas, but gradually settled on something simple: pledge half of my musical earnings to charity. I’ll use my skills and talents how they’re most effective, and help others at the same time. I’m not a comfortable self-promoter, but I get a boost knowing my music could have a positive ripple effect outward.

I’ve considered many charities for this new mission. Changing the world is a huge task. Where to start? I’m starting locally where I live in Miami, Fl. Miami Music Project provides music education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. If we want to ensure our future, we’ve got to uplift future generations.

(Sidenote: I’ve been a personal supporter of Children International since 2005. They’re a great organization).

If you’ve read this far (Thank You!) and would like to support me in this mission here’s how you can help:

You can buy both of my albums, Solo Piano Destruction” and “Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar” directly from the link below for just $17

Thank you for reading this and supporting me!