Parenthood & Passions

Me, my twins, and my “Dad” look.

Amidst the emotional rollercoaster of being a new parent to twins, I always looked forward to our daily walks. While they slept in the stroller I could collect my thoughts. Approaching 40 years old and now a father, I reflected on my life. What have I done so far, and what do I want now? I’ve spent my life fulfilling a passion for music. Ritual practicing. Two degrees from a prestigious music school. Years of gigging. Some awards and acclaim. Many mistakes and redirections. Released two albums, with several more albums’ worth of music written.

I have another passion that had largely been sidelined, a desire to help others. I’ve regularly done that in small ways (Children International), but inside I am eternally that naive idealist who wants to save the whole world. Post-college I considered career options in humanitarian work, but my passion for music won. So I compromised and made a deal with the universe: if I was successful in music I would give back.

Now on those walks I thought about what my musical life should be now. I’m getting older but still want to pursue my passions. I’ll have less time so I need to maximize it. What values do I want to practice for my kids? I entertained some complicated ideas and finally settled on this:

I’ve committed to doing at least one monthly livestream concert, and half of any tips received are donated to a charity. These are short, half-hour shows; but in thirty minutes enough people coming together for a common cause can have a huge positive impact.

(Update: I’m putting the livestream project on hold while I focus on another musical project. I hope to resume the concerts soon. I’m not giving up, and I continue to support Children International)

If you would like to join me in this mission please check out my albums below.

Solo Piano Destruction” and “Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar”  can be purchased together for just $16

Thank you for reading this and supporting me!