Pianist / Guitarist

“Anytime someone is dedicated and puts in the work to develop this level of musicianship I feel there is still hope for the future of music!” – Soundout.com

“Great for music lovers who have sophisticated taste.” – fan

“He shows a range of emotional expression and technical ability that is truly wonderful.” – fan

“James Woolwine is a wonderfully talented composer and musician with an ability to look back to the classics and forward to the present to “see” and create amazing musical compositions, performed with virtuosity and deep emotion.”  – fan

James’ original style of instrumental music is best described as Contemporary Classical which emphasizes the “contemporary”. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Heavy Metal, and Electronic influences are combined with his Classical background to create a truly unique hybrid. His compositions transport listeners through a range of emotions, as soothing melodies morph into fierce energy. James’ stylistic diversity and superior musicianship bring an exciting new sound to the instrumental music scene. In his own words, “…combining the beautiful with the devastating.”  

He has recorded two albums.  

Solo Piano Destruction was released in 2015
Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar was released in 2018