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Thanks for considering me as your prospective music teacher! I offer virtual piano and guitar lessons, to students of all ages, specializing in beginner and intermediate levels. Free Trial Lesson!

Online Lessons – $50 per hour

Online lessons are increasingly popular. They offer flexibility in times, cheaper rates, and worldwide access!

My philosophy: provide a positive musical experience while instilling the fundamentals you’ll need.  If my student learns at least one new thing and leaves smiling, it’s been a good lesson. I don’t teach specific styles of music. Instead, I use established methods to build strong foundations in technique and theory. Pupils can apply these to any style they choose. I mold my approach to the individual’s needs and goals, so every student can achieve their musical potential in a positive atmosphere.


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“I am 75 years old and have always wanted to sit and play a song. I called James and explained my problem. He agreed to be my teacher and I am completely pleased with my decision. After 4 months I am playing songs which I never dreamed I would be doing. Great teacher and great personality.” – Arthur, adult student

“My grandson is very excited about going to his piano lessons. He is even more excited about doing his piano homework. James takes the time to explain what is needed. He works at the child’s level.” – Maura, parent

“Mr. Woolwine is a great teacher! I am learning so much and becoming better at piano. I’m improving my skills with every lesson and I will continue taking lessons with James. I highly recommend him!” – Sofya, teenage student

“James is an excellent guitar teacher and talented musician in his own right. His teaching style is easy to follow and the classes are enjoyable. Thank you James!” – Beth, adult student

“James is just great. Being young makes so that my son enjoys his company. Since James started working with him I haven’t had the teachers at school complaining anymore… Highly recommend his services!!” – Alessia, parent

“James is a patient, respectful, kind, and very knowledgeable piano tutor. I took weekly lessons with James for over four months while we lived in the same city, and I can confidently recommend him to any person, regardless of age or skill level. He has an exceptional listening ability and knows just the right corrections and suggestions to help you improve during your individual practice. I went from a absolute beginner player without the ability to read sheet music to a slightly intermediate level with almost complete sheet music literacy. Thank you again James!” – J.Z., adult student