Session Musician/Composer

James’ diverse arsenal of musical skills make him a tremendous asset in the studio.

-Professional pianist/guitarist
-Equally comfortable reading music, chord charts, or learning by ear
-Has studied multiple styles of music; specializing in Rock, Pop, Metal, Folk, and Classical
-Always prepared, punctual, and professional; and laughs a lot, too

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As a composer, James can create the right instrumental mood on demand; or craft the perfect 3-chord anthem and vocal hook.
He has written for television and film as a staff member of MJO Productions.

James’ original music was used for the U & S Productions short film You Are Not Alone

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“Upon looking for musicians for an instrumental project of mine, what caught my eye was James’ versatility. I was looking for a guitarist who also played piano/keyboard, and he fit the bill. I took the opportunity to hire him as a studio musician. He brought professional equipment to the studio and found the guitar tone I was looking for very quickly. Recording progressed so quickly that we even had time for him to double his rhythm guitar tracks. He also delivered very well on keys, and I am very happy with his contribution to my project. After the recording session, I decided to check out his solo act when he still lived in the Boston area. I was blown away. His guitar skills are top notch, and his compositional skills are inspirational. If you haven’t heard his music yet, you are seriously missing out!”

-Jonathan, Sinfonia Revolution