James is a devoted student of Songcraft; striving for that perfect combination of melody, chords, and lyrics.

He collaborates with other writers across genres (all songs One-Stop)

Won’t Give In (Metal) – Woolwine, Schmitz

Keep Reaching For Your Star (Rock/Alternative) – Woolwine, Warner, Seides, Sancho, Shallis

I Don’t Want To Go Anywhere Without You (Folk/Pop) – Woolwine, Sancho, Smith

Holiday Time Of Year (Pop/Rock) – Woolwine, Byrd, Keith

I’m Better With You With Me  (Folk/Pop) – Woolwine, Avakian, Schmitz

Dying Heart (Electronic Rock) – Woolwine, Lee

He has a large catalog of original Folk/Rock music pending release

You can stream his first single here: Wait For Me (Folk/Rock)

and preview other songs on his Youtube channel

 If you’ve scrolled this far (thanks!), below is a song you can only hear on this site:

Make America Great Again(?)

(My response to Trump and the MAGA movement was banned from Youtube so I’m sharing it here)