“…a la John Mayer, but better!” – fan

“James is an excellent pianist/guitarist…who is also a great songwriter” – Hu, fan

“Great songwriter” –

James balances his instrumental composing with an equal passion for distinguished songwriting. He strives to combine the lyrical depth of classic Folk and Country with the melodies of top-40 Rock and Pop. His first attempts were in college, where he took some preliminary Songwriting courses; before switching his focus to guitar. Years later he started co-writing songs, and then gradually writing solo. Over a decade later he attended his first songwriters convention and was inspired to get serious. James began working with a private coach, studying independently, and became a regular at his local chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association. Now he is a devoted student of Songcraft, in search of that perfect combination of melody, chords, and lyrics. 

James has released two singles:

Wait For Me in 2014

and If You’ll Be Mine in 2015

Since then he has focused on instrumental music while honing his Songwriting craft. (Compare “If You’ll Be Mine” from 2015 to the rewritten version “I Am Yours”). He was offered a publishing deal in 2017 but opted not to sign. He looks forward to recording more songs from his vocal catalog in the future, and pitching to publishers.

Visit James’ YouTube Channel to preview his latest songs.